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Contributing to the development of agriculture through high performance fertilizer

As one of the few fertilizer manufacturers that has its own trading company capabilities, we are able to provide fertilizers and agricultural materials that meet the demands for higher quality and lower labor requirements arising in the agricultural realm.

We, Seiwa Fertilizer Ind. Co. Ltd, continue operation by putting fertilizer at the heart of the business since the establishment in 1950. We are the fertilizer company not only to produce it but also to handle sales through various routes and procurement of raw materials in domestic and overseas, which enable to meet farmer’s needs.

Responding to the change of general consumer preferences on food, high quality agriculture production has been always pursued in Japan for so many years. Labor saving and cost reduction are also required in agricultural field.
To deal with various needs mentioned, we have major product, granular fertilizer manufactured by tabletizing method which enables to contain up to 100% organic materials. Lots of high performance fertilizer, soil improvement additive have been also developed.

For example, we have slow release fertilizer, fast acting fertilizer, liquid and paste fertilizer, fertilizer for hydroponic application and recently handle fertilizer combining ALA(Aminolevunilic acid), beer yeast-derived materials.
Furthermore fertilizer suitable for drone application is now under development.

By expanding trading facility, we also enlarge procurement of fertilizer raw materials as well as agriculture related materials through the network set up in neighboring countries.

We hope to apply wisdom, creativity and the ability to act in a humble manner without losing track of fundamentals, to meet evolving farmer’s needs and then we will remain the fertilizer company to contribute development of agriculture and food production.
Even from now on, your kind guidance and encouragement will be highly appreciated. Best regards.