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Privacy Policy

Handling of privacy information

We believe that appropriately protecting customer privacy is a very important obligation of Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies.
On this page, we will describe the concepts and standards regarding the handling of information collected on the SHK-Net website.
This text and the privacy policy that it describes were developed on the basis of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003) and related laws and regulations.

Scope of application of our privacy policy
This privacy policy applies to personal information provided by customers through the SHK-Net website (a site belonging to the domain).
Personal information
In general, customers can access the SHK-Net website over the internet without revealing a name or any other personal information.
However, in some cases, Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies may request personal information from customers.
For example, we may ask your name, address, phone number, and email address in order to process your order, to provide you with the information you requested, or to provide you with other useful information.
In addition, you may be asked to provide information such as your educational background and work history if you are applying for a job or making other inquiries of Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies.
In these cases, Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies will inform you of the purpose of the collection of such information, to the extent possible.
If you do not want your personal information to be used to contact you beyond the original purpose, we will respect your wishes.
Use and sharing of personal information
When a customer makes a request through the SHK-Net website (for example, when ordering goods, making a telephone contact, seeking specific sales or technical materials), Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies will use the personal information to respond to your request.
At that time, Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies may provide that personal information to other departments in the group or share information among departments.
This will be done to respond accurately to your request or to provide you with that or further useful information.
However, this sharing will be limited to include only truly necessary departments.
We may also provide personal information to third parties (for example, shipping companies, financial institutions, the post office, government agencies such as customs, business partners, etc.) when needed to ship the products you ordered.
Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies will sometimes contact customers in order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market surveys, and to gather data for future product development.
Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies may share such provided information among groups in order to make a hiring decision after you have applied, or to respond to inquiries if a customer submits an application or inquiry.
In addition, unless the applicant makes a special request, the information you provide may be stored for future use.
Information security and accuracy
Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies will protect customers’ personal information appropriately and strive to maintain its accuracy.
When information about customers is sent from the SHK-Net website using the default form, encryption is applied using SSL.
The personal information provided may be shared between departments in order to respond to customer requests, but it will not be provided to departments that are not directly related to your request.
We will limit the sharing of information among the minimum necessary departments or responsible individuals.
In addition, we will do our best to prevent this personal information from being leaked to third parties outside the group, as well as to departments or personnel who are not directly in need of access to the personal information held within the group.
Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies may, in some cases, supplement some information provided through the SHK-Net website with information from other sources or other businesses, in order to confirm a customer’s address.
The purpose of this supplementation is to maintain the accuracy of the information collected by Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies and to provide better service.
Disclosures prescribed by law
Please be aware that personal information may be disclosed in response to subpoenas, warrants, or orders from judicial or other governmental agencies.
Cookies, web beacons, etc.
Cookies allow a web server to recognize your computer so that your next visit to our site will be more convenient.
Cookies are useful to customers, but they can sometimes be exploited, so many customers have decided to generally disable cookies.
The SHK-Net website does not use cookies on all pages. This means that there is no difference in the service you receive, depending on your concerns or your browser settings.
Web beacons (Clear GIFs) are used to keep track of how many times a specific page has been accessed. These are not used on all pages on the SHK-Net website.
The SHK-Net website uses JavaScript for all pages.
If you disable this browser function, JavaScript functions may not operate correctly and so our pages may not be displayed appropriately.
In this case, please enable JavaScript.
* JavaScriptTM is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
SHK-Net website access statistics
The SHK-Net website collects access statistics using dedicated software running on the server, for the purpose of improving the site’s quality.
The following information is collected, but no information is included that can be used to identify individual customers.
Types of information collected for access statistics:
  • 1. Total number of accesses to the SHK-Net website in each time zone.
  • 2. Total number of accesses per day for each page
  • 3. Total number of accesses per day for each directory
  • 4. Hosts of the visitors who access the SHK-Net website
    This is information about the provider you are using.
    No personally identifiable information, such as the IP address or OS of the network or computer you are using, is included.
  • 5. Link Source URL
  • 6. The type of browser used by the customer for browsing the SHK-Net website
Links to other websites
The SHK-Net website may contain links to other websites.
Seiwa Fertilizer and its group companies are not responsible for the maintenance of privacy or the contents of other such websites.
The maintenance and management of the SHK-Net website is carried out by the Seiwa Fertilizer Sales Headquarters.
If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or inquiries regarding any personal information you have provided, please email the SHK-Net site administrator (
However, if you are inquiring about personal information, we may ask you to confirm your contact information and other details before responding to your request.
If there is a major change to this privacy policy, it will be posted on the SHK-Net website for a certain period of time.

Date first published: January 25, 2006
Date last updated: April 26, 2011