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Contributing to the creation of higher-quality and less labor-intensive agricultural products

As one of the few fertilizer manufacturers that has its own trading company capabilities, we are able to provide fertilizers and agricultural materials that meet the demands for higher quality and lower labor requirements arising in the agricultural realm.

Our company was established in Japan in 1950. We are one of the few fertilizer manufacturers that produces high-performance fertilizers adapted to the climate and natural features of the various regions in Japan. We also have our own trading capabilities.
Of particular note, we have developed organic granular fertilizers, using a tabletizing manufacturing method that enables the product to contain up to 100% organic raw materials.
We have continuously responded to the needs of agricultural producers.

In recent years, Japan is in a period of decreasing birthrates, with a resultant aging population and loss of population in terms of overall numbers. So, now Japan’s agriculture is approaching a turning point.
Agricultural producers, in particular, are facing many problems, such as a shortage of labor, overwork, and high costs. Thus, conserving labor effort and improving productivity by growing high quality crops are indispensable goals.

Seiwa Fertilizer, operating as a trading company, procures stable quality raw materials from within and outside Japan, and our four domestic plants produce tailored fertilizers that meet the specific needs of each region.
We are striving to reduce the total cost of fertilizing crops, including the efficiency of product distribution.
We also develop and produce high-performance organic fertilizers that contribute to agricultural crop branding and excellent special fertilizers, such as slow-release coated pellets, fast-acting types, and organic liquids.

We have the ability to procure not only fertilizers but also agriculture-related materials and products through overseas networks, and we consistently deliver everything that is needed by agricultural producers.
In the future, we will also be focusing on the overseas export of domestic agricultural and processed products, and will be establishing a system that can contribute to increasing the profits of agricultural producers.

Our company intends to continue to use our features as a trading company and manufacturer to support agricultural producers. We hope to apply wisdom, creativity, and the ability to act powerfully without losing track of fundamentals, to continue to appreciate the benefits bestowed on us by nature, and to remain a company that contributes valuably to Japanese agriculture and food production.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.